Driftwood Intimacy


Two of my favorite photographers, Nan Goldin and Kelli Connell, focus on intimacy in their work. The more I study their images, the more I feel their work touches on the elusive quality that surrounds friendship and love. This summer I wanted to create a photograph for Anisocoria that touched on my own experience with intimacy.

06032014-DriftwoodIntimacy-JuliaLuckettPhotography-54 06032014-DriftwoodIntimacy-JuliaLuckettPhotography-59

I decided to create an image that was more fantastical rather than documentary, so when I found this driftwood on the shore I knew it would be a fitting location.

06032014-DriftwoodIntimacy-JuliaLuckettPhotography-19 06032014-DriftwoodIntimacy-JuliaLuckettPhotography-21 06032014-DriftwoodIntimacy-JuliaLuckettPhotography-40 06032014-DriftwoodIntimacy-JuliaLuckettPhotography-38

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